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President Signs Secretive Cybersecurity Policy Directive

President Obama has long said cyber security is one of his priorities and it appears he is now acting on his words.

According to the Washington Post, he is said to have signed a secret policy directive last month that will give the military and other government authorities the ability to act quickly if the country comes under cyber attack.

Dubbed the "Presidential Policy Directive 20," this classified document allegedly outlines the rules of how federal agencies are allowed to react when it comes to online breaches of security, hacking, cyber threats, and attacks.

One of the major elements of the directive, according to the Washington Post, is that it deals with "offensive" versus "defensive" action and makes the distinction between network defense and cyber operations.


Apple says it will protect customer data

Following up our previous post "Want Larry Ellison's Home Phone Number?" - amid lawmaker pressure Apple decided to tweak the app developer policy. In a statement issued to some media outlets Apple responded:


Valentine’s Day Special on the Senate Floor

Love was in the air for cyber security yet again on the senate floor...  Senators moved Tuesday to jump-start efforts at bolstering U.S. computer security with a new bill that would require private companies operating critical infrastructure to meet certain security requirements that would be imposed by Department of Homeland Safety. These companies include power grids, telecommunications networks and nuclear power plants. Notice the difference from the prior regulations?