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Thoughts on the Electronics Ban and How to Protect Your Privacy

Initially was a longer analysis of the whole situation, but we wanted to just focus on the security aspects - here it goes:

Those of us that has been in the field of security for a while knows the concept of security-in-depth… What this means in this context; imagine the airport layers as concentric rings until you get to the plane, there are many – why is this focus on the airplane itself? If the bad guys want to do damage, outer layers of the airport security; ticketing, luggage claim is more vulnerable than anywhere else in the airport because that is where a lot of people congregate in masses, more collateral damage…

Also, is an explosive device in the cargo bay safer than on flight deck? We are not experts on explosives, but logic dictates pressure change in a pressurized cabin in high altitude will not be safe wherever on deck you make it go off… According to the reports the Russian Airliner that went to down over Egypt's Sinai Peninsula in October 2016 was due to an explosive in the cargo hold.


Lessons on Trust and Apple’s Stance Against the FBI – Learned from the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Our team has been researching trust networks for a while, and this example from the Syrian Refugee Crisis was worth sharing as there are several hidden lessons in the story. You've probably been following the news about the Syrian refugee crisis.  This article is not about the significant humanitarian and political challenges and complexities of that situation, but rather what we can learn from their ordeal about trust-networks and apply it to Information Security, specifically to the current stand-off between Apple and the FBI…

Large numbers of men, women and children are trying to journey from Turkey to Greece every day, hoping for a better life and to escape from the horrors of war...The success to death ratio is quite high, but people keep trying; one can't help but ask oneself, why?  Why do the refugees trust these people traffickers, why do they get on leaky boats and make the trip, knowing there is a good chance that they will never make it? The answer to this question is Trust...


HackingTeam Becomes HackedTeam… Who is Next?

hacked-teamIf you are in InfoSec you probably know who the Hacking Team is, but just in case you do not, they are the ones creating multi-platform surveillance / remote control software like Da Vinci and Galileo in the name of crime fighting in 6 continents... The software when installed on a target device essentially enables the operator to expose encrypted communications, the toolkit supports multiple-platforms iOS, Android, Blackberry, Linux, Windows, OS X; a.k.a  "Legitimized Malware".

Hacking Team sells its Da Vinci malware/surveillance software to private companies, law enforcement and governments, of course only to ethical ones (according to the Hacking Team). Many critics argue that Hacking Team is an enemy of the internet and that the toolkit is used by countries with questionable human rights records to spy on activists and journalists.


Does the Patriot Act apply to D**k Pics?

After a period of silence watching and obsorbing events around us, we are back with this funny bit on Patriot Act... As you might have followed the intelligence agencies are trying to renew the Patriot Act program under the radar, which is set to expire on June 1, 2015.

Even after the Snowden Revelations the ignorance of the general public on the effects of this program to personal freedoms, the very essence of the U.S. - "Freedom of Speech" is very concerning.  Understandably the technical nature of the Snowden documents are  somewhat intimidating and  people cannot relate to most of these programs unless given a concrete example.  Up until now!!