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Phil Zimmerman and Navy SEALs Start Silent Circle

Are you worried about your communications privacy? With ever so increasing surveillance efforts of governments and private companies indexing every piece of correspondence in the name better serving us products, you should be! With this concern in mind an information security legend Phil Zimmermann and some of the original PGP team have joined up with former US Navy SEALs to build an encrypted communications platform that should be proof against any surveillance.

The company, called Silent Circle, will launch later this year, it offers encrypted email, text messages, phone calls, and videoconferencing in a package that looks to be strong enough to have some 3 letter agencies seriously worried. What is not clear is how will they operate when government knocks on their door, but it is definitely a step in the direction of improvement, there should be a little bit of privacy on the Internet after all.

See the video introducing Silent Circle - Worldwide Encrypted Communications:

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