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GCHQ Tops the Cake with Spying on Yahoo Messenger

optic-nerveAccording to the Guardian newspaper British intelligence agency GCHQ collected millions of people's webcam chats and stored still images of them, including sexually explicit ones in a program called Optic Nerve. Wow! This really tops the cake and takes the UKUSA intelligence sharing agreement to a new level. Let's not forget the "Five Eyes" alliance with Canada, Australia and New Zealand either...

The implications of GCHQ's actions can be far reaching, given that quite a bit of the images captured were sexually implicit ones - just the thought of your government wanting to collect your naked images while chatting is extremely disturbing. Well the thought of being naked in front of the chat is a little disturbing too, but I guess one will think twice before doing that now. Especially the bad guys!

The technology is a very addictive and a convenient part of our lives, however with revelations thanks to Edward Snowden and now this - the privacy aspect should be a bigger concern for all us than convenience. Awareness and understanding the technologies we use are key to privacy; unfortunately a lot of the consumers/users are unaware or do not care and some have what we call the "ostrich syndrome" once they are alone in their room they think they have privacy, but guess what!!

Read the Guardian's article here.

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