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Foreign spies ‘penetrate’ US military networks

"Low pay, delays over promotion and wage freezes made it very hard for the US government to attract and keep talented computer security staff" according to Dr Kaigham Gabriel, current head of the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Security experts testifying to the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee said the penetration was likely so complete that attempts to curb it should stop. Instead, cyberdefence should be about protecting data not controlling access.

The experts said the US should look into ways to retaliate against nations that had access to its networks. In an open session, experts from the US National Security Agency and government labs said America had to change the way it thought about protecting Department of Defense (DoD) computer networks.

"We've got the wrong mental model here," said Dr James Peery, head of the Information Systems Analysis Centre at the Sandia National Laboratories. "I think we have to go to a model where we assume that the adversary is in our networks."

It is about time somebody realized it should be about controlling data not access, with the current computing power we have available protecting the data should be our priority - but then the challenge becomes how do we protect the encryption keys? The loop for eternal security concern. Regardless in the world of Defense safeguarding keys should less of a challenge than keeping attackers out of exposed networks.

Source BBC News UK

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