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Does the Patriot Act apply to D**k Pics?

After a period of silence watching and obsorbing events around us, we are back with this funny bit on Patriot Act... As you might have followed the intelligence agencies are trying to renew the Patriot Act program under the radar, which is set to expire on June 1, 2015.

Even after the Snowden Revelations the ignorance of the general public on the effects of this program to personal freedoms, the very essence of the U.S. - "Freedom of Speech" is very concerning.  Understandably the technical nature of the Snowden documents are  somewhat intimidating and  people cannot relate to most of these programs unless given a concrete example.  Up until now!!

In a surprise interview with Edward Snowden, HBO's Last Week Tonight's host John Oliver flew to Moscow to put the matter in a relevant context to most people. Watch this excellent interview and spread the word.



Obviously "D**k Pics" is a made up name, but in actuality this happened in Britain, where GCHQ  (Britian's equivalent and close ally of NSA) collected pictures from people's (1.8 million) webcam's using Yahoo Chat in a government program called the "Optic Nerve", where a large quantity of the collected images were sexually explicit in nature.

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